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Instant Powders

Instant Powders
Instant Soya Matcha Latte
  • $23.00

Nutritious and Refreshing.

Wake up in the morning with a wholesome cup of rejuvenating, nutrious Soya Matcha Latte. This frothy beverage is a drink perfect for cold mornings or lazy afternoons, providing you with all the nergy and caffeine kick without the coffee crash. Soya Matcha Latte is also a vegeterian-choice suitable for drinkers of all ages.



Product of Malaysia

Per serve: 28g Soya Matcha Latte Powder + 120ml Hot Water

Net Weight : 500g/Packet or kg/Packet

Shelf Life: 2 Years


Green tea powder, Organic soy powder, Icing Sugar, Foaming creamer, Anti-caking agent.