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Make Quality Coffee In A Touch

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Necta - KALEA

KALEA is easy to use, by staff and in self-service mode.
Just a touch, and anybody can get a high quality drink.

Wide offer
KALEA offers both quality espresso and regular coffee based drinks combined with fresh milk.
You also have the option to deliver up to 12 oz drinks.

KALEA uses cutting edge technology together
with the heritage of Italian espresso, taste and culture.
A unique pleasure which enraptures, sip after sip.

KALEA enables the creation of a personal customized coffee menu.

A taste feast which satisfies the most demanding customers.


  • 2 types of coffee beans option
  • Fresh milk coffee machine
  • Up to 8 choices of beverage per screen
  • Touch screen function with flexibilty to play promotion video
  • High hourly output for fast moving consumption
  • Suitable for F&B, Hotels and Offices

Recommended servings per day150 cups 
Hourly output100cups / hour
Drinks option10 per page
Coffee group13.5 g
Grinder settings optionYes
Fresh milk optionYes
Voltage220 / 240 V
Instant powder canister1
Intsant powder canister capacity1.8 Kg
Beans canister2
Beans canister capacity1 Kg
Dimensions (D x W x H)586 x 368 x 783 mm
Weight47 Kg

Tablet and Milk Cleaning Gude