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Espresso N.8
  • $53.00

Espresso N.8 features 100% arabica coffee beans carefully sourced and roasted.

strong fragrant with chocolatey and sweet aftertaste.

Aroma: 4/5
Body: 4/5
Acidity: 3/5
Sweetness: 5/5

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Colombia, Brazil

Espresso N.8 features strong fragrant with chocolatey and sweet aftertaste.

Great to drink on its own or with milk for latte.

Italian Coffee (Bicerin)

2 tbsp- Pitti Caffè Italian Hot Chocolate
80ml- Hot water
80ml- Pitti Caffè Espresso N.8 Coffee
2 tbsp- Whip Cream

1. Mix Hot chocolate and hot water and pour in a tall glass.
2. Brew coffee and pour your coffee over the back of a spoon into the mug.
3. Add whip cream on top of the drinkk to form 3 layers coffee beverage.
4. Sprinkle hot chocolate powder on top of drink (optional).
5. Serve and enjoy.

Medium roast