Type of Coffee for Espresso?

Golden Question: What Type of Coffee for My Espresso?

Many times we’re asked to introduce coffee to people, but where exactly do we start from? We all have different preference for our morning cuppa coffee. Some prefer it strong and intense for a day full of activities, some love the fragrance that fills their senses before indulging in the hot delight.

For this update, we would like to bring you through our coffee blends and flavours for a better selection and taste
match. As a start, let us recognise some of the basics. There are dozens of varieties of coffee beans, but the ones that truly matters are Arabica & Robusta, which are the 2 primary types of coffee cultivated for coffee drinking. These two varieties differ in taste and growing conditions. PITTI CAFFE sources for a wide range of green coffees to cater to individual preferences. Our beans come from all around the world: Africa (Togo, Ethiopia), Asia (India, Java), Central and South America (Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Panama and Colombia).

ARABICA: Sweeter, softer with a fruity taste. Higher in acidity with a winey taste.

ROBUSTA: Stronger, harsher with a nutty aftertaste. Contains twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans, especially valued in espressos for the deep flavour and crema (thin layer of foam at the top of a cup of espresso – alike the foam of beer, but way milder).



PITTI Essenza Nero / PITTISSIMA Deciso
30% Arabica, 70% Robusta

High in robusta, this blend gives a full-bodied flavour with high intensity to keep you on your toes. It features a traditional Italian blend usually for small, steady doses – perfect for an espresso. It is deeply flavoured and is stronger and harsher, giving coffee drinkers the much required boost and start off, especially in the morning or an intensive day.

PERFECT FOR: Mornings, Caffeine boost, Power getters, Strong coffee, Intense flavour


30% Arabica, 70% Robusta

Alike the rich and intensive Nero and Deciso blend, PITISSIMA Lungo features a bold flavour blend for a strong and powerful drink. Besides the full-bodied flavour, this is much more constant in the finished blend for a bigger cup of energy boost. Like a stretched espresso, it gives you the intensity of an espresso, double the power.

PERFECT FOR: Long days, Caffeine boost, Endurance, Strong coffee, Long drink


PITTI Essenza Arabica 100 / PITTISSIMA Arabica
100% Arabica

Very smooth and aromatic, the strong fragrance will open up your senses before you taste it. It features a lingering aroma with fragrant aftertaste. Slightly sweet and acidic, this blend is a pleasant giver that is softer and milder compared to coffee blends with Robusta blend. There is also a slight hint of fruity aftertaste along with the lingering aroma in your mouth.

PERFECT FOR: Cosy hangouts, Strong coffee fragrance, Leisure, Enjoyment


PITTI Essenza 24 Seven / PITTISSIMA Cremoso

30% Robusta, 70% Arabica

Clean and long lasting flavour, the coffee blend gives an aromatic finish at the end for a comfortable drink. This blend features a mellow and delightful flavour that is gentle and light. It contains a slight sweetness choreographed so that you can take more than a cup of these delights in a day and not feel overwhelmed by the intensity.

PERFECT FOR: Pick-me-up, 24/7, Any time of the day, Mild coffee


Pitti Essenza No Limits / PITTISSIMA Decaf
50% Robusta, 50% Arabica

Smooth and fragrant, the coffee blend is meticulously measured to maintain the taste and aroma of traditional coffee without compromising its quality. Although featuring a 50:50 Robusta Vs. Arabica coffee blend, the caffeine have been
extracted out for people with a passion for coffee with no restraints. Tastes like a genuine coffee with no restraints on caffeine intake.

PERFECT FOR: Every day, No restraints, Decaffeinated days, Freedom

So will it be rich and intense / strong and long / smooth and aromatic / mild and delicate or decaffeinated for you?
If it is a tough choice, we suggesting getting them all. After all, a filled cup of hot coffee is always better than an empty one!

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