Nespresso® Compatible Capsules – All produced and packed in Milan, Italy.

Compatible with the following Nespresso® machines – Citiz, Essenza, Lattissima, Pixie, U, Maestria, Inissia.

[Disclaimer] PITTI CAFFE® Singapore and its products are not endorsed by, sponsored by, licensed by or approved by Nespresso® or any of their affiliates

  • Pittissima Arabica


    Nespresso Compatible. Aromatic, velvety with lingering coffee fragrance. Pittissima Arabica features a smooth and velvety coffee with a lingering aroma on your palate. It forms a perfect pairing with milk based drinks like cappuccino. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION

  • Pittissima Lungo


    Nespresso Compatible. Moderately strong and intensive with a bittersweet aftertaste. Pittissima Lungo features a bittersweet aftertaste alike a stretched espresso to capture its authentic Italian dark roast flavours. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION

  • Pittissima Deciso


    Nespresso Compatible. It is dark and strong. It is rich and tenacious. Pittissima Deciso features an intensive and bold flavour that packs a punch in its caffeine kick. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION

  • Pittissima Cremoso


    Nespresso Compatible. Mellow and delightful for all day indulgence. Pittissima Cremoso features a mild and delicate flavour with a smooth finish for a perfect pick-me-up whenever, wherever. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION  

  • Pittissima Decaf.


    Nespresso Compatible. Decaffeinated coffee with real authentic taste. Pittissima Decaf features a perfect balance between flavour and aroma. It retains real Italian coffee taste and palate notes while not overwhelming. The perfect coffee choice for any time of the day. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION