Compatible with Lavazza® Espresso Point – All produced and packed in Milan, Italy.

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  • Earl Grey Tea

    Essenza Earl Grey Tea capsules that's compatible with our home range of capsules machines. This blend features a deeply aromatic tea with a bold flavour. It is a dark full-leaf tea with refined tart citrus taste. Product Enquiry

  • Peppermint Tea

    Herbal tea from the infusion of peppermint, this tea is refreshing and uplifting. Product Enquiry

  • Green Tea

    For a healthy cup of deep cleansing and boost. Green tea is complete with a strong, earthy and crisp taste. It is the least processed tea amongst all others and a powerful antioxidant. Product Enquiry

  • Lemon Tea

    Our Essenza range of Lemon tea capsules are refreshing and light and contains excellent antioxidants with a tangy taste lifts the flavour. Product Enquiry

  • English Breakfast

    Rich and robust, English breakfast tea is a full-bodied, slightly malty tea that is designed to go well with milk and sugar. Product Enquiry

  • Camomile

    Sweet, mild and flowery, camomile tea calms the mood and relieves tension. It features a gentle and pleasant flavour with an herbal infusion that eases pent-up emotions. Product Enquiry

  • Nero

    Nero features a dark, rich and intense traditional Italian coffee blend for a strong start in the morning. This blend is a hot favourite amongst the espresso lovers for its deep flavour and rich crema. Product Enquiry

  • No Limits (Decaffeinated)

    Essenza No Limits features uncompromised decaffeinated coffee that tastes and smells as genuine as a cup of traditional Italian coffee except that it contains no caffeine. This entails that you have full freedom to enjoy coffee at any given time without worrying on high caffeine intake. It is the best choice for non-restrictive coffee drinking…

  • 24 Seven

    Mellow and delightful, this coffee blend features a delicate and mild flavour for an all-day drink. This is a perfect choice for an every day pick-me-up. Product Enquiry

  • Arabica 100

    Delicate, mild and aromatic, PITTI ESSENZA ARABICA100 features a strong, fragrant aftertaste for a classic and elegant taste. Product Enquiry