Coffee Beans and Coffee Supplies

We believe that coffee roasting is a form of art that requires passion, dedication and hard work. With 80 years of experience, PITTI CAFFÈ has mastered the expertise in coffee roasting, from green coffee beans picking to coffee beans roasting and to the warm liquid of coffee delights you can enjoy, cup after cup.
Giving you the utmost quality by our experts, our coffee beans are picked, roasted, produced and packed by our coffee magicians in Milan, Italy.
Coffee is unique in the way it is grown with distinct flavours and aromas in each specific areas. This is why we source coffee beans from many areas to cater to individual preferences. Our coffee beans are from Africa (Togo and Ethiopia), Asia (India, Indonesia and Java), Central and South America (Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Panama and Colombia).
PITTI CAFFÈ is a member of the Fair Trade organisation since 2008.
  • Essential Coffee Beans


    Comes in 1kg ($35) Essential features a very intensive coffee concoction that is robust and strong. It has an astringent taste that is bittersweet for a wholesome Nanyang coffee experience that you get in local coffeeshops. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION!

  • 24 Seven Coffee Beans

    From: $12.50

    Comes in 1kg ($48), 250g ($12.50) Smooth and delightful with a velvety finish. 24 Seven, akin to its name, is a perfect pick-me-up at any hour of the day. It is not overwhelming with a smooth flow and fruity note for an aromatic indulgence. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION

  • Nero Coffee Beans

    From: $12.00

    Comes in 1kg ($44), 250g ($12) Synonyms of rich, intense and bold flavours. Nero beans feature a strong and powerful blend that awakens the force inside you. It is highly intensive to empower and energise and is loved by many corporate power houses. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION

  • Arabica 100 Coffee Beans

    From: $15.00

    Comes in 1kg ($58), 250g ($17) The epitome of coffee fragrance and aroma. Arabica 100 beans feature a smooth, velvety coffee with fruity notes. It flows with a lingering coffee aroma on your palate and tastes best with milk based drinks like cappuccino. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION

  • Black & White Coffee Beans


    Comes in 1kg ($48) Balanced with a sweet, lingering scent. Black & White beans feature a balanced flavour that highlights the coffee's sweetness and aroma, bringing a smooth and velvety coffee finish for a truly enjoyable time. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION


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We’ve heard you!
With the immense interest in our Italy produced-and-packed coffee beans, we are now offering a long-term purchase package for coffee beans. Now you can get to enjoy our coffee beans in your office’s coffee machines without having to rent the coffee machine from us.
Our packages range from 1 year to any duration you wish to specify. Let us work it out for you.


Thinking of purchasing our coffee beans but want to give it a try first?
We offer one-time trial package per company. This allows you to taste our range of coffee beans at a heavily discounted trial package price.