Capsule Machines

Capsules are an ideal beverage solution for the workplace because of their compact size and range of coffee blends available.

They are incredibly convenient, and easy to use. There is no emphasis on technical skills, you can simply put the capsule in the rental machine, press the button and be confident of the same flavoursome result every time.

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  • Pitti Freedom C11 Plus

    A fully automated fresh milk capsules machine, PITTI FREEDOM C11 series allows coffee and tea beverages all within the comfort of a button. This is a smartly designed machine with convenience and ease of use put at top priority. We offer a full range of coffee and tea capsules (essenza range) to ultimate selections. Product…

  • Pitti Metropolitan (Plus)

    TO BE USED WITH PITTI ESSENZA RANGE CAPSULES ONLY Pitti Metropolitan is a small capsule machine suitable for personal use or offices, including VIP rooms for corporates and hotels. We offer a stunning variety of 13 blends - 7 coffees and 6 teas. You'll be spoilt for choices! Product Enquiry

  • Pitti Next (Plus)

    COMPATIBLE WITH USE OF NESPRESSO® CAPSULES AND NESPRESSO® COMPATIBLE CAPSULES This small capsule machine is ideal for personal use and hotels for their VIP rooms. It's simple, elegant and easy to operate. Product Enquiry

  • Pitti Virgo Capsules Machine

    Fully automated capsules machine with up to 6 drink selections including espresso, black coffee, mocha and tea. The tea selection includes 6 different tea capsules blend. Product Enquiry


Outright Purchase

Own The Machine:

> Purchase The Machine From Us
  • 12 months carry-in factory warranty
  • Installation & training included

Rental Package

Monthly Rental:

> Monthly Coffee Machine Rental Cost
  • Inclusive of consumables within a range; custom-able to your requirement
  • Maintenance and warranty included
  • Installation & training included

Short-Term Rental Package

Short-Term Rental:

> Short-Term Rental for Events, Exhibitions, Trade Shows, etc
  • Includes consumables
  • Includes cups and stirrers
  • Installation & training included