Pitti Next (Plus)


This small capsule machine is ideal for personal use and hotels for their VIP rooms. It’s simple, elegant and easy to operate.

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Engineered to deliver cups of coffee and tea all at the press of a button, PITTI NEXT is sleek and compact with 3 drinks settings – short, medium and long. It comes with 3 colour versions: Red, Bronze, and White. There are two versions of this model – PITTI NEXT (without milk frother) and PITTI NEXT PLUS (with milk frother).

Where design meets practicality, PITTI NEXT showcases retractable compartment for easy and convenient storage. There are 2 cup platforms that allow free and easy adjustment according to drinking cup height requirement. The use of both platforms is usually for short espresso shots with small cups to prevent splatter.

Change up from the good ol’ coffee from PITTI NEXT to PITTI NEXT PLUS for a perfect cappuccino! The milk frother can be combined with your coffee to create many more coffee magic.

Technical Description:

Fully automated capsule machine
1L extractable water container
20 bar high pressure water pump
Descaler program
Automatic capsule ejection
Max. used capsules capacity in expulsion container: 8 capsules
Dimensions: 300 X 220 X 250H (in mm)
2 detachable magnetic cup platforms to prevent splatter
2 versions (with/without milk frother)
3 drinks settings: Short, Medium, Long
3 colour selections: Red, Bronze, White

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