Coffee Machines

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  • HLF 3600

    Fully automated barista-styled with programmable drinks option, HLF 3600 is a fully functional and flexible modern Italian coffee machine that is one of the hot favourites with the corporates in Singapore. It is convenient and easy to use - all within the press of a button. Product Enquiry

  • HLF 3700

    Fully automated barista-styled coffee machine, HLF 3700 is engineered with an intuitive touch screen layout that is instinctual in both beverage choices and settings operation. It is sleek and elegant with technological intelligence. Product Enquiry

  • Necta Koro Prime Espresso

    Fully automated barista-styled coffee machine, Necta Koro Prime Espresso is designed with soft, modern lines that looks elegant in offices, conference room, and restaurants. Product Enquiry

  • Pitti Barista Beans-to-cup Machine

    Pitti Barista is a perfect machine for personal homes, small offices or cosy cafes. It's a one-touch fully automated coffee beans machine with minimal maintenance and easy controls. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION!

  • Pitti Freedom C11 Plus

    A fully automated fresh milk capsules machine, PITTI FREEDOM C11 series allows coffee and tea beverages all within the comfort of a button. This is a smartly designed machine with convenience and ease of use put at top priority. We offer a full range of coffee and tea capsules (essenza range) to ultimate selections. Product…

  • Pitti Metropolitan (Plus)

    TO BE USED WITH PITTI ESSENZA RANGE CAPSULES ONLY Pitti Metropolitan is a small capsule machine suitable for personal use or offices, including VIP rooms for corporates and hotels. We offer a stunning variety of 13 blends - 7 coffees and 6 teas. You'll be spoilt for choices! Product Enquiry

  • Pitti Next (Plus)

    COMPATIBLE WITH USE OF NESPRESSO® CAPSULES AND NESPRESSO® COMPATIBLE CAPSULES This small capsule machine is ideal for personal use and hotels for their VIP rooms. It's simple, elegant and easy to operate. Product Enquiry

  • Pitti Veloce

    Pitti Veloce is a hot beverage machine with a basic 3 drinks option. This is a European inspired hot beverage solution with strong Asian influence. It is speedy, low maintenance and fuss-free for ultimate enjoyment. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION!

  • Pitti Virgo Capsules Machine

    Fully automated capsules machine with up to 6 drink selections including espresso, black coffee, mocha and tea. The tea selection includes 6 different tea capsules blend. Product Enquiry