We believe that coffee is directly related to productivity. Let us illustrate a few quick points:
  • Motivates your staff
  • Coffee = adrenaline rush = energy booster
  • Reduces time taken for staff to go out of office and grab a quick cup of Joe elsewhere
  • Impress clients with high quality coffee drinks



We are here to brighten your day and energise your office!
If you are unclear of where to start, no worries – just click on the ‘Let us help’ button to the right and we’ll get cracking on a non obligatory recommendation for your needs. We have packages of all shapes and sizes, all you require is a desire for coffee.
Starting from 10 pax to over 300 pax, we’ve got it all covered. Whether you prefer to rent a coffee machine for your office or buy a coffee machine from us directly, feel free to drop us a call or e-mail us anytime to discuss your options!
Our wide range of office coffee machines make it very easy and convenient for you to enjoy barista styled coffee in your office, any time of the day. These machines are available for rent or sale, from machines equipped with automated beans grinder and milk frothing system to coffee capsules machine, our machines are very user-friendly and reliable.
Whether you are an espresso lover or a serious sweet tooth, you’re in good hands!

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