Hot Beverage Machines

In the world of collaborations and integrations, we’ve joined ranks in the fusion scene!

The Veloce Series is the latest Hot Beverage solution introduced by Pitti Caffe Asia that is inspired through our strategic partnership with our Italian partners to integrate a fusion of European and Asian beverage culture. The Veloce offers a European inspired hot beverage solution with strong Asian taste for the masses who cannot live without daily consumption of kopi (coffee) or teh (tea) with an European twist. These machines are very speedy with low maintenance, ideal for areas with fast turnover, including cafes, staff cafeterias, lounges, reception areas, hotels, meeting rooms and ballrooms and even offices.

We offer 4 key drinks – Black Coffee, Coffee Latte, Tea Latte and Choco Latte, all inspired through latte drinks (latte means milk in Italy; for example Latte Macchiato, Spiced Latte) to create the Asian versions.

The Veloce Series is available for purchase, short-term event rental or long-term office rental. Buy a coffee machine for your office today! E-mail us for a free quote now.

  • Pitti Veloce

    Pitti Veloce is a hot beverage machine with a basic 3 drinks option. This is a European inspired hot beverage solution with strong Asian influence. It is speedy, low maintenance and fuss-free for ultimate enjoyment. SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION!


  • Enjoy Asian beverage culture like teh tarik
  • Need speedy, speedy speed
  • Want a machine with extremely low maintenance
  • Want hot beverages that are friendly on your pockets


  • Size of the machines
  • Taste of the drink (fresh beans taste different from instant beverages)


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