Green Tea Vs. Black Tea

As the world’s second most consumed beverage (behind water – which technically makes it the first), there are many benefits to drinking tea (not referring to the bottled kinds!). However, do you have any clue what exact benefits does these health boosters bring? Today, we’ll bring you through the entire list of health benefits you can find. While there are a few varieties on their types, the most popular tea types include Green Tea and Black Tea, both of which can be found in our PITTISSIMA range (compatible with Nespresso machines!).

Drink tea for the benefit of your health!

Tea contains many antioxidants and is considered one of the healthiest beverage: Burning calories, improving bad breath, managing your health and immune system. Do you want to lower your blood sugar or reduce bad cholestrol? Try green tea! Do you want to minimise the chances of tooth decay and reduce your frequency of visiting the doctor? Try black tea! Let us take you through some of the well known benefits that tea has to offer.



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