For A Good Cup of Coffee at Home

There have long been debates on what truly works for a family of coffee lovers. Should it be bean-to-cup machines with fresh coffee beans or coffee capsule machines or just buying directly from a cafe, a coffee chain or the kopitiam?



A family of coffee lovers would probably want a bean-to-cup machine with fresh coffee beans at home for the best quality coffee every time, any time of the day. We cannot deny that using fresh beans with bean-to-cup machine produces better coffee quality as compared to the other choices but put into context an average Singaporean family lifestyle and you’ll discover several constraints of owning a bean-to-cup machine at home, even if it is fully automated.

It is inevitable for maintenance work to be done for coffee machines no matter the type. Bean-to-cup machine requires higher effort and maintenance costs; from the oil in the beans or milk powder/fresh milk.

Singaporeans are hardly home most of the time – week days are spent in offices and weekends should be spent lounging around and relaxing. But you still need that fresh coffee you’ve been yearning to make at the comfort of your home and it doesn’t taste fresh any more because the pack of coffee beans you opened previous weekend has gone stale and lost its flavours. There isn’t actually any ‘best way method’ in keeping the freshness of coffee beans except for finishing it as quickly as possible once they are opened.



Coffee capsule machines on the other hand, eliminates most of the issues you face with a bean-to-cup machine. Granted it will not be as fresh as you’d get with a bean-to-cup but with its sealed individual packing*, the freshness is mostly still contained within its packaging (*while PITTI CAFFE’s coffee and tea capsules are indeed all individually packed, we cannot guarantee that all other brands are the same). Not as fresh as a newly opened pack but definitely better than an opened pack of week-old beans.

Maintaining a coffee capsule machine requires much a lot less work than a bean-to-cup. The maintenance required is mostly limited to wiping down the machine after use and allowing it to process its automatic self-cleaning system. Lesser work, lower maintenance costs, no fear for stale coffee beans, more time for coffee and family enjoyment.

Another factor why we love coffee capsules is that you get to try more coffee blend and flavours. A pack of beans would mean the same flavour till it is finished but individually packed capsules would mean you get a whole variety of coffee flavours you can select from. Not everyone like the same blend and everybody loves an alternative choice.

Why not just visit a cafe or the kopitiam for the daily caffeine requirement?


Imagine this – it’s finally the weekends and you deserve a much rewarded relaxing day lounging about at home.

You still need that daily caffeine fix because it’s pretty much become a necessary part of life but you can’t make them at home. Instant coffee is a definite no-go because you need caffeine and you need a good, quality cup of decent coffee and now you have to drag yourself out of the house just for a cup of coffee.

Not only is it cumbersome, it also does not make dollar sense because a non fanciful cup of coffee would cost you about $4 to $6 in a local cafe or coffee chain. Even a kopitiam’s kopi o kosong (black coffee) will set you back for about 80¢ to $1.30 and these are usually made from ground coffee powder with diminished coffee taste. Nero, a rich and intense coffee blend from PITTI CAFFE’s product range cost about 81¢ per cup of coffee and that is gourmet Italian coffee from Milan, packed in a certified biodegradable coffee capsule and tightly sealed to keep its freshness for best drink quality.

So, what should it be?

If you are an avid coffee lover who does not mind complex and high maintenance costs for a fresh cup of coffee, we
can’t deny that a bean-to-cup machine with fresh coffee beans will match your needs more.

If you don’t mind the hassle of driving out and queueing every time you require a good cup of coffee, we won’t dissuade you from going to a cafe or kopitiam for your caffeine fix.

If you seek a good cup of quality coffee at the convenience of your home at minimal costs, a coffee capsule machine
may just be what you’ve been looking for all this while. To top that off, we offer tea capsules (best of both worlds, if someone in your house actually prefers tea) with our machines – and Nespresso compatible tea capsules^ as well!

^Selected models only. Compatible Nespresso coffee machine models can be found here. *Disclaimer: Nespresso® trademark is owned by Societe Des Produits Nestle SA and is not affiliated with Moka Efti Spa® or Pitticaffe®. Moka Efti Spa® or Pitticaffe® are not associated with any Nestlé-Affiliated company nor authorised retailers of Nestlé products or services. Pitticaffe® is registered trademark of Moka Efti Spa®. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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