Pitti Caffè Asia is the regional office of Pitti Caffè Italy from Milan, Italy.

Pitti Caffè started in 2005 and is an autonomous globally managed business of MOKAEFTI S.p.A est. 1930 with over 80 years of coffee roasting experience. This same group of dedicated experts also prepare and roast the coffee in PITTI CAFFÈ’s range of coffee products.

Pitti Caffè Asia, formerly known as ECO Connex, has been in Singapore since 2013. We are dedicated in providing premium beverage solutions for corporates and organisations with our vast range of offerings. As an Italian coffee solutions provider, we strive to be the preferred provider for premium beverage solutions in which we provide effective and sustainable coffee – both economically and environmentally to everyone we value and those around us in the business.


Empower every cup of gourmet delights with PURE ITALIAN ENERGY®.

Deliver high quality coffees and ultimate coffee experiences to consumers, cup after cup.


PITTI CAFFÈ has revolutionised the way people prepare their coffee with a range of smartly-designed and convenient machines to allow everyone to make the perfect coffee, cappuccino and tea, just as a skilled barista. At the heart of PITTI CAFFÈ’s system is a continuous investment in innovation and distinctive design (interactive digital display!) to suit all lifestyle. We hope to allow you the freedom to personalise your coffee experience and to recreate these perfect coffee moments wherever you may be.

After all, PITTI CAFFÈ is not just coffee. It is a genuine experience that combines perfection and pleasure.


At PITTI CAFFÈ, we are all about experiences. We believe that each individual have their own coffee preferences. That is why our experts are devoted to sourcing for a wide range of green coffees, each offering distinct aromas and flavours that caters to individual preferences.

Our coffee experts have dedicated time and expertise in selecting the finest green coffee beans from all around the world to create the widest selection of coffee blend varieties to suit every taste. These beans are then carefully blended, slowly roasted and finally ground and packed.

The origins of our coffee come from all around the world: Africa (Togo, Ethiopia), Asia (India, Java), Central and South America (Brazil, Peru, and Mexico).

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